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About Me and How I Can Help You Succeed

Business Coach Mark

Imagine finding your superpower

Imagine finding that special something that sets you apart. Getting to the heart of your business and creating results. Big results. I’m the guy that can help you raise your business game. As one of Australia’s top business mentors and coaches, I never stop thinking about business. From big business ideas to the next steps for my clients–I love helping others succeed.

It’s in my blood

In my blood, sweat and tears.

My whole life has been speeding along in the entrepreneurial train. Hurtling around corners, up hills and sliding down the other side only to fly back up again. It’s that life journey that has taught me everything I know today.

The business bug started as a small boy. School holidays were full of adventure. I would spend my time travelling the globe with my Dad who spent his life doing business all over the world.

There wasn’t any Pokemon Go or social media to pass the time. Instead, I listened, watched and learned as my life became immersed in the business world.

An inquisitive future business coach was born

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, in the heart of the Netherlands, surrounded by some of the biggest brands around, (think Shell, ING, Philips, Heineken and Unilever), my business imagination was fueled.

Importing and selling sunglasses during my high school years became my first successful business. My appetite grew. My life was set.

I know business

The years rolled by as I thrived on building, selling and running leading-edge companies. From an art leasing business to a company providing tutorials for school kids, and heading up Galleries International, a global business selling fine handmade carpets and tapestries.

It was during that time I had a whiff of the corporate world contracting with Cable and Wireless (Singtel, Optus) and BP Oil. My love for the entrepreneurial life became stronger as these stints only confirmed that corporate life wasn’t for me.

I stumbled

After a devastating marriage breakdown, I struggled with my health. My life turned upside down. It became absorbed in taking full-time care of my three young kids. They were character building, tough years. Years that I reflect on as being turning points in my life. Where meaning became more important to me than ever.

And then I found my superpower

I had an idea: combine my enthusiasm for business, my entrepreneurial skills with my devotion to helping others be the best they can be.

I became a business coach.

It kicked it off through ActionCOACH, the pioneers of business coaching going back to 1993. I found myself again on the journey of ups and downs as I established myself in a new industry, fine-tuning my coaching skills and attracting the right clients.

I was determined to back myself and make it to the top. I charted my own course, took calculated risks and harvested the rewards.

To quote a wise man (my Dad), “if it were easy, everyone would be doing it”.

I persevered. I created gold out of dust. I rose through my challenges. My coaching practice grew quickly as my clients achieved great results. The word spread. I focused on doing the high skill, high-value work. I found my superpower.

You too can find your superpower to give you true business clarity. You have it. I can help you find it.

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I’m Mark Vischschoonmaker

An insightful, reliable and unflappable Sydney business coach.

I’m an award-winning, global top-10 business coach and mentor who specialises in helping business owners gain more structure, profits and sanity in their business life.

Now I’m ready to help you.

Here’s the deal

Let’s talk.

You’ll get the most out of coaching if we’re able to communicate well. We need to at least like each other enough to want to work together. Liking each other is the foundation of trust. And when we have trust – we’ll get the big results.

That’s why our first meeting, either face-to-face or through video call, is crucial.

So what are you waiting for?

Why choose me as your coach?

I bring well over three decades of solid business and coaching experience to our sessions. You’ll feel confident and comfortable working with me. Together we’ll go to new business heights

My mission

To give committed business owners tailor-made, client-centred coaching that turns challenges into solutions.

My values

Candour, commitment, dependability, insightfulness, decisiveness and humour. And my integrity is the essence of everything.

My skills

When it comes to experience, I’ve got truck loads.

Business Acumen





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I’m Business Coach Mark

An insightful, reliable and unflappable Sydney business coach.

I’m an award-winning mentor who specialises in helping people gain more structure, profits and sanity in their business life.

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