What I charge

You won’t find business coaching rates on this page. Annoying, huh? Instead, when you contact me, I’ll send you a briefing form to capture your ambitions for coaching. 

After our discovery chat, we’ll have a better idea of whether we’re a good fit. I’ll then be able to give you a ballpark quote based on your needs. 

When you work with me, I’ll provide you with a fixed price. This means you’ll know from day one what your project is going to cost and there won’t be any nasty surprises.


My rates are in Australian dollars (AUD) and are quoted with Goods and Services Tax (GST). If you’re outside Australia, you don’t have to worry about GST.

Business coaching rates and packages

Business coaching isn’t a light investment. And while you’ll find many business coaches who charge a lot more than I do, my business coaching rates are towards the upper end of the spectrum.

When you choose to work with me, you’re paying for my years of award-winning experience, working systems, creativity, strategic insight, solid reputation and my relentless dedication to you and your business.  

I’m sure you’ll see the $1,200 – $3,900 monthly investment’s well worth your spend.

The Hague Program

Suitable for most startups and smaller owner-operators

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Rotterdam Program

Our most popular program for business owners.

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Amsterdam Program

Typically suitable for larger businesses who’d like to have their team engaged in the coaching process as well.

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What's the ROI?

As long as you have a great business coach in your corner–and you apply yourself and do the work–you should see a great return on investment. Some of it’ll be in cold hard cash profits and therefore easy to measure. And then there are the other benefits that can’t be measured in profits only. 

Things like:

  • More free time
  • Solid and positive relationships inside and outside your business
  • Increased confidence
  • Happiness
  • Better functioning teams

It’s exciting how business coaching can change the quality of your life for the better.


Mark's very good at understanding different personality types

If there are issues with one of your staff members, he can analyse what personality type they are and explain how best to communicate with them. He's calm and measured. He listens to the issue and then goes about breaking it down and sorting it out. He's very good at what he does.
Wade Rogers - Owner | Asbestos Removal Sydney