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Are you an Alexandria-based business owner?

Ready to transform your business journey?

I am Mark Vischschoonmaker, a dedicated business coach and mentor in Alexandria. Since 2007, my mission has been to guide and empower small and medium-sized business owners in Alexandria and beyond. My commitment to your success is as vibrant and diverse as Alexandria itself.

Every business has unique challenges and opportunities, just like every corner of Alexandria has its own character. My coaching approach is customised to fit your specific needs. I provide candid insights into your business’s blind spots – insights that may be tough to hear but are crucial for your success. I aim to ignite change, encourage reflection, stimulate growth, and help you achieve your objectives.

Through personalised coaching sessions, we’ll work together to build your business skills and turn your business vision into a thriving reality. Achieving the lifestyle that comes with running a successful and profitable business is within your reach. If you’re ready to take control of your business journey, let’s discuss how I can be your ‘thinking partner’ in business..


Understanding the unique business dynamics of Alexandria has enabled me to help numerous entrepreneurs and SME owners with my tailored coaching programs.

As Alexandria’s go-to business coach, I am here for you if you find yourself in any of these situations

You've started your business and are now poised for growth.

The challenges of managing everything on your own are overwhelming.

Your business is profitable, yet you're stuck in your ‘comfort zone’.

You sense untapped profit potential but aren't quite sure how to harness it.

You are successful and now want to build a quality lifestyle around your business.

Local Businesses and Highlights in Alexandria

Alexandria, is a vibrant hub close to the heart of Sydney CBD, boasting a rich variety of businesses, from creative startups to traditional manufacturing firms. The area combines industrial heritage with modern innovation. The local café culture and community events add to its unique charm, making it an exciting place for living and doing business.


Service NSW: Resources and support for businesses in NSW

Australian Government Business Services: Build a network of peers and find a program to help you start and grow your business.

NSW Government Business Support: A Business Concierge service offering solutions for small businesses

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Tailored Business Coaching in Alexandria

As your business coach, I am committed to providing you with strategies and tools relevant to Alexandria’s business landscape. We will create a plan to help renew your enthusiasm and develop an action plan.

Running a business can feel isolating, but you don’t have to do it alone. As your trusted mentor and coach, I will offer honest feedback vital for your growth. Together, we’ll focus on:

Goal Setting


Tailored techniques for Alexandria’s business owners.
Strategic Planning


90-day action plans to keep your business on track.
Efficiency Management


Prioritising high-value tasks.
Team Leadership


Localised marketing approaches for impactful results.
Team Leadership


Strengthening your leadership and team dynamics.
Financial Literacy


Understanding and optimising your business finances.

Business Mentoring in Alexandria

Leverage my extensive entrepreneurial experience as your business mentor to differentiate your business in Alexandria’s competitive landscape. With my background and expertise, I’ll guide your business to achieve its full potential, whether you’re looking to grow, stabilise, or transform.

Is this the right fit for you?

Seeking help can be tough, but overcoming business challenges doesn’t have to be. With my structured coaching and mentoring framework, reignite your passion, confidence, and vision for your business in Alexandria.




The initial phase of our business was turning over three, four, five hundred thousand; we then turned over a million or a bit over a million a couple of years later. Now we’re at four and a half or even five million dollars turnover. That’s due to the size of the jobs and team as well. Mark’s helped improve the actual turnover dollar amount and the actual business growth in general.”




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Let’s discuss how we can work together in Alexandria.

(Note: Mark is based in Pyrmont but offers specialised business coaching and mentoring services in Alexandria, NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, TAS and NT via video-conferencing.)