Building solid foundations for success

Looking for help scaling your construction company? As a construction business coach

I specialise in helping builders grow into successful construction companies. If you want to

get off the tools, carve out more time and grow loyal teams, you’re in the right place.


A construction business coach is an ironclad investment

Construction business coaching helps lay strong foundations while your company reaches for the sky. By choosing a specialised construction business coach, you’re working with someone who understands the construction industry.

Before this current state of uncertainty, The Australian Industry and Skills Committee said the construction industry in Australia generated over $360 billion in revenue. While we’re certainly seeing the impact of the health crisis grinding things to a halt across this sector, I can definitely help you find your feet again and plan to restart after this period passes. 

You need a business growth strategy that’s as strong as steel to compete for contracts in the competitive market. As a construction business coach, I’m dedicated to helping you systemise your business, increase your turnover and build effective teams.

Some Construction businesses I’ve coached

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How a construction business coach can help

A business coach can be your ticket to success. You invest time preparing detailed budget estimates for clients and architects only to have them choose cheap over quality. You exhaust yourself putting out daily fires; running from crisis to crisis. And take on jobs you’re not keen on.

If you’re tired of: 

  • working long hours and not seeing the return
  • wasting time training up staff only to watch them leave then start their own business
  • being the last one paid

I’ll help you go from struggling to systemised

If you need a business coach who not only understands business, construction and the industry but knows how to get the best out of business owners and teams–I’m the construction business coach for you.

Get in touch today for an obligation-free business health checkup. 

I’m re-energised

Without any regrets we chose Mark as our coach. We have been coached “one to one” for four months now and it is far better than I could have imagined. This is not just business coaching. It sounds a bit strange when I say that it is life changing, but it really is. This is not an easy quick fix solution. Mark is very committed to help us help ourselves.
Alex Noor - Owner | Noor Constructions

My advice … get over your concern about the investment!

I was referred to Mark by another one of his clients’ and I was not disappointed. When I started with Mark my wife had just been transferred by her employer to Hong Kong. I started with Mark to get help restructuring myself and my business so I could run it from anywhere in the world while at the same time preparing the business for sale enabling me to move to Hong Kong permanently.
Peter Bennett - Former Owner | Pro-Active Contracting