• Our business was going well without Mark. However, since working with him we have massively increased productivity and profitability at the same time. I’m now working less hours, I have less stress and we are making much more money!

    Working with Mark as our coach I’m really developing as a business person in leadership and management as well as improving and growing our business. So I can see both the self-improvement in myself along with the positive changes in our business.

    With Mark’s help we now have very clear goals for our business and we know exactly what we want to get out of the business. He makes me accountable for doing things which is fantastic. Mark’s always asking us ‘have you done this, have you done that and so on.’ This forces me to take action and get important things done.

    If you own a business and want someone to help you get into action and make your business a lot more profitable and successful (without working harder) then Mark is the guy to talk to.” I can’t recommend him highly enough.

    Colm Dolan, Publift
  • We’ve used Mark as our business coach since August 2016. One of the most valuable things that we’ve gained by working with Mark was learning how to set the strategy for building a great business. My business partner and I both come from technical backgrounds so we didn’t have the experience in important areas like leadership, building high performing teams of people and more.

    Mark helped us see that our current business model was not scalable and he worked with us to develop a new business model which is now starting to perform very well. Best of all, this new business model allows us to automate a lot of what we used to do manually yet still allows us to provide great service to a large number of clients at the same time.

    If you want to build a business that works really well without you having to be actively involved every moment of the day, then Mark is the person to talk to. He provides the outside expertise and accountability that is very difficult to gain by yourself. His business coaching services have been an excellent investment for our business and I have no hesitation in highly recommending his services to other business owners.

    Tobin Page, Publift
  • I have a fairly new business designing and building restaurants. Being new in business I wanted guidance on how to grow my business and make it successful without having to go through the trial and error approach of doing things the wrong way. With Mark’s help we went back to basics and very quickly had some amazingly effective systems and processes working in the business. I get a lot more of the important business stuff done and I’ve noticed that my team are also far more productive as well.

    I like the way that Mark doesn’t just give you great business advice and guidance. He also helps you come to good business decisions yourself as well. This means you are learning to become a more effective and successful business owner at the same time. He provides external inspiration and advice whenever you need it. Best of all, the majority of the things he recommends are very simple to do and put into action.

    David Veksler, Guru Projects
  • One of the things I like about working with Mark is how flexible this service is. For the first year Mark helped us put in place all the processes to make our business run well and create a great culture. Now Mark gives us advice and feedback on our business challenges and goals and I really enjoy having input from someone who is an expert on business and takes a genuine interest in what we are doing.

    Will Bruce, Willy Weather
  • What I like about working with Mark as a business coach is that he makes us accountable so we get things done in our business. He makes sure that no matter how busy you get, you always remember your ‘big picture’ focus for your business and keep your end goals and direction in mind with everything that you do.

    David Allen, Willy Weather
  • What I like about working with Mark is that he looks at the whole business and then shows us how to do a lot of things much more effectively. In fact in just 18 months the results are just incredible…Turnover has gone up, margins have gone up, staff are clearer in their job descriptions, advertising results are better and we are now spending less money on advertising.

    In the past there were a lot of things that we wanted to get done in our business. However, we never got most of these done. By using Mark they not only got done, they also improved our results dramatically.

    I treat using the services of Mark as like having another Managing Director for our business who has great ideas to improve and make our business a lot better. If you want to grow and expand your business, use Mark. You will be able to use all of his expertise and experience to improve your business. Using Mark’s coaching expertise is exactly what we needed to take our business to the next level. I recommend the Mark to any business that is getting stale, or is stuck in place and wants to grow their results significantly. He has my highest recommendation.

    John Batori, Have a Seat
  • I’ve owned a security business for 7 years and I never had enough time to get everything done. I’ve been working with Mark for 9 months now and he’s transformed our business in this tiny amount of time. We now have procedures and systems in place that run like clockwork, our turnover is already up over 60% and we’ve taken on two new staff members to handle the extra work. Best of all I now have free time!

    When I look back over the last 9 months I’m delighted at how easy it has been to improve both our profits and productivity doing some very simple things. We’ve made small changes in some key areas and these have produced remarkable results. The good news is that I have only put into action some of the things that Mark has recommended. So, I still have even better results to enjoy as we begin using more of his ideas and advice in the future.

    Peter Spratt, Tesnik Security
  • I’ve been using the services of Mark Vischschoonmaker as a business coach since 2014. When I first met Mark I didn’t’ think I needed a business coach however within 15 minutes of meeting him, I knew that Mark was exactly the person I was after. When I first started working with Mark our business was turning over around $800,000 a year. This year our turnover will be close to three million dollars. So that’s already a 300% improvement in our results thanks to his help.

    One of the great benefits of working with Mark is that my business now runs so much smoother than it used to. Mark has introduced, and helped us implement, a number of “big business tools” which made a huge difference to the business. Thanks to Mark we now have processes in place for every part of our business. Every role is documented so people know exactly what to do and because of this the new people we recruit are bought up to speed faster and are now so much more productive than they used to be.

    We’ve made a huge number of changes in our business over the last three years and Mark has been helpful for all of these changes. It’s so useful to have an impartial person who I can bounce ideas off whenever I want. It can be very lonely in business and you don’t normally have people to talk to who can give you useful advice and guidance on what to do.

  • Since 2008 Mark has been counsel to our business and team members. The longevity of the relationship is testament to his coaching methodology and his solid, unflappable character. During our time together, our business has expanded dramatically in every sense, especially getting the best out of myself and our people.

    While decisions and the direction of our company is ultimately my responsibility, Mark provides invaluable, constructive feedback and is an excellent sounding board. If I were to describe Mark, I would say, he’s clinically perceptive, thoughtful, considerate and honest. His business acumen is incomparable. He gets the best out of me personally and professionally and has my (and my teams’) utmost respect.

    Spencer Bailey, APX Hotels Apartments
  • You know what I love about working with Mark? Every time I get off the coaching call with him I feel like I can literally take on the whole world!

    Brendan Jacob, Bay Gallery Furniture
  • Without any regrets we chose Mark as our coach. We have been coached “one to one” for four months now and it is far better than I could have imagined. This is not just business coaching. It sounds a bit strange when I say that it is life changing, but it really is. This is not an easy quick fix solution.

    Mark is very committed to help us help ourselves. We put in the effort and he guides us through what must be done. It is not practical to put in a few words all that we have achieved with Marks’ guidance and support. I have been re-energised over the last few months and wish to share my experience with anyone who asks. Mark may be able to help you. I suggest you call him on 0403 881 105 and talk to him.

  • My husband had the plumbing skills and I had the public relations skills, but neither of us had a thorough grounding in business systems and processes, accounting practices or understood methods of testing performance.

    Mark has given us greater focus to reach our business and personal goals, by perfecting time management, sticking to weekly tasks set and constantly reviewing and refining sales targets and preferred type of client. As a result we have a more professional organisation and a systemised business.

    With Mark we also have an ‘on call’ sounding board and wise counsel, so anytime we have questions we can contact him for advice and direction. He is warm, funny, wise, serious, focused and genuinely has our best interests at heart. Mark wants to see us achieve success, and that success is personally defined by us. Most of all Mark has helped Caine and I to see that we actually make a great team; that what we have is a complimentary set of skills and personalities, and these combined effectively, through our own hard work and Mark’s, will see us achieve our goals in both life and business.

    Kimberley Chin Poy, Knight Plumbing Services, Owner
  • I was referred to Mark by another one of his clients’ and I was not disappointed. When I started with Mark my wife had just been transferred by her employer to Hong Kong. I started with Mark to get help restructuring myself and my business so I could run it from anywhere in the world while at the same time preparing the business for sale enabling me to move to Hong Kong permanently.

    We sold the business 11 months later and I am now able to live in Hong Kong full-time. Not only did Mark help me prepare the business for sale and help me achieve a great price, he gave me personal management skills that will stay with me for life. Furthermore the new business owner was so impressed with the results that he decided to keep working with Mark.

    This gives me great confidence that he will continue to grow the business, do well into the future and look after the team. I am sure the investment is your biggest concern, as it was for me, but my advice is to get over that! The benefits in profits, personal peace of mind and a great lifestyle far outweighed the investment. Mark was fantastic. I cannot recommend him enough.

    Peter Bennett, Pro-Active Contracting, Former Owner
  • Before I couldn’t imagine getting out of the office for an hour, now I can seriously say I only have to go to work one day per week.

    Shaun Badlu, Alfa Distributions