What some of my satisfied Australian and international clients are saying

I only have to go to work one day per week

Before I couldn’t imagine getting out of the office for an hour, now I can seriously say I only have to go to work one day per week.
Shaun Badlu - MD | Alfa Distributions

I’m now working less hours, I’m less stressed and we’re making much more money!

Our business was going well without Mark. However, since working with him we have massively increased productivity and profitability at the same time. Working with Mark as our coach, I’m really developing as a business person in leadership and management as well as improving and growing our business. So I can see both the self-improvement in myself along with the positive changes in our business.
Colm Dolan - MD | Publift

What I like about working with Mark as a business coach is that he makes us accountable so we get things done in our business. He makes sure that no matter how busy you get, you always remember your ‘big picture’ focus for your business and keep your end goals and direction in mind with everything that you do.
David Allen - | Willy Weather

I didn't know how to grow the business. I just knew I wanted to

Before working with Mark, I really didn't understand how it was possible to grow into a big business. I was sitting there with a few trucks and a few guys, and I'm working 18 hours a day, and I couldn't see it. I'd ask myself, 'How could I ever possibly have a hundred staff? There are not enough hours in the day'.
Wade Rogers - | Asbestos Removal Sydney

We're now at 4.5-5 million dollars turnover

The initial phase of our business was turning over three, four, five hundred thousand, we then turned over a million or a bit over a million a couple of years later. Now we're at four and a half or even five million dollars turnover. That’s due to the size of the jobs and team as well. Mark’s helped not only improve the actual turnover dollar amount, but the actual growth of the business in general.
Fred Ayad - General Manager | ARK Building Group

In just 18 months our turnover and margins are up

The results are just incredible. Turnover is up, margins are up, staff are clearer in their job descriptions, advertising results are better and we’re now spending less money on marketing. In the past, there were a lot of things that we wanted to get done in our business. However, we never got most of these done. By using Mark they not only got done, they also improved our results dramatically. He has my highest recommendation.
John Batori - Owner | Have a Seat

Mark's very good at understanding different personality types

If there are issues with one of your staff members, he can analyse what personality type they are and explain how best to communicate with them. He's calm and measured. He listens to the issue and then goes about breaking it down and sorting it out. He's very good at what he does.
Wade Rogers - Owner | Asbestos Removal Sydney

His type of character helps at times when you're a bit out on a limb

He's approachable, easy-going and we can have a bit of a laugh.  If there’s something difficult that pops up, he’s a calming influence. When you do have issues and approach him, he is never too frazzled.  He’s very numbers-driven, which helps because he’s always going back to projections and assessing the data. Because he’s very data-driven, it helps me think in a similar way, so I’m always measuring and recording.  They're the things that give me the perspective to say “Well when I see him we're going to be spending a bit of time going through the numbers”.  Then I may not see him for a week or two, but in the meantime, I’m still thinking in that same style, which gives you that next level of business savviness.
Fred Ayad - General Manager | ARK Building Group

Mark truly helped change the direction of my life

I’ll always be grateful for the questioning and his ability to uncover the real issues. A very knowledgeable man who’ll get the best out of you.
Stevie Russell - Operations Manager | First Sentinel

Mark has helped Caine and I see that we actually make a great team

My husband had the plumbing skills, and I had the public relations skills, but neither of us had a thorough grounding in business systems and processes. Not to mention accounting practices or methods of testing performance.
Kimberley Chin Poy - Owner | Knight Plumbing Services

I have a fairly new business designing and building restaurants. And being new in business I wanted guidance on how to grow my business and make it successful without having to go through the trial and error approach of doing things the wrong way. With Mark’s help we went back to basics and very quickly had some amazingly effective systems and processes working in the business. I get a lot more of the important business stuff done and I’ve noticed that my team are also far more productive as well.
David Veksler - | Guru Projects

He’s warm, funny, wise, serious, focused and genuinely has our best interests at heart

My husband had the plumbing skills, and I had the public relations skills, but neither of us had a thorough grounding in business systems and processes. Not to mention accounting practices or methods of testing performance.
Kimberley Chin Poy - Owner | Knight Plumbing Services

With Mark–you’re in it together!

I recommend coaching with Mark for people who don't have a group of partners or a large network of business people around them. Especially for people who don't come from a business background or for those who come from a more technical or artistic base. He’s great for when you really need someone who knows what they're talking about and has different perspectives across a vast array of industries. When key decisions need to be made, having someone there who knows your business intimately, definitely adds massive value.
Fred Ayad - General Manager | ARK Building Group

I’m re-energised

Without any regrets we chose Mark as our coach. We have been coached “one to one” for four months now and it is far better than I could have imagined. This is not just business coaching. It sounds a bit strange when I say that it is life changing, but it really is. This is not an easy quick fix solution. Mark is very committed to help us help ourselves.
Alex Noor - Owner | Noor Constructions

His coaching makes me feel like I can take on the whole world!

You know what I love about working with Mark? Every time I get off the coaching call with him I feel like I can literally take on the whole world!
Brendan Jacob - Owner | Bay Gallery Furniture

He helped us achieve > 250% growth in revenue and a healthier profit margin

Mark is a great business coach, counsellor and sounding board for any business leader. We worked closely with Mark for 3 years, during which he helped us achieve > 250% growth in revenue plus a much healthier profit margin. We honestly couldn't have achieved what we have without his help and guidance. For any developing leader–I couldn't recommend Mark strongly enough.
Tobin Page - COO | Publift

Having a coach changed my thinking about running our business and managing staff!

I wasn't sure what kind of coaching approach Mark was going to have, but I thought I'd try it and see how it evolved. We'd been in the business for eight or nine years before reaching out to Mark. Since I engaged his services Mark has been an integral part of our growth and his guidance has been invaluable. You have a confidant, a critic and a sounding board. 
Michelle P - | Sumner Capital

His positive and motivating approach has instilled newfound confidence in our management, our team and our business.

Unified Care engaged Mark to support us in defining our business goals and strategising their achievement. Since doing so, our business has been transformed, as has our motivation. Mark is an insightful and supportive Business Coach, with strong commercial and financial acumen. He has taken the time to research and understand our market, enabling him to provide tailored support and recommendations which are geared specifically towards our business. His positive and motivating approach has instilled newfound confidence in our management, our team and our business. I would highly recommend Mark to any business which is seeking the direction, support and tools needed to achieve optimal performance.
Julie Stow (Apoyan) - General Manager | Unified Care

One of the things I like about working with Mark is how flexible this service is. For the first year Mark helped us put in place all the processes to make our business run well and create a great culture. Now Mark gives us advice and feedback on our business challenges and goals and I really enjoy having input from someone who is an expert on business and takes a genuine interest in what we are doing.
Will Bruce - | Willy Weather

The longevity of the relationship is testament to his coaching methodology and his solid, unflappable character

Since 2008 Mark has been counsel to our business and team members. During our time together, our business has expanded dramatically in every sense, especially getting the best out of myself and our people.
Spencer Bailey - MD | APX Hotels Apartments

Mark’s an expert in his field

One of Mark’s favourite sayings is ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. We started coaching on a three month trial, no obligations, and we never looked back. I think we're good at our business, we’re good in our technical fields, but you can’t expect to be an expert at everything. Mark’s an expert in his field.
Peter Spratt - Owner | Tesnik Security

My advice … get over your concern about the investment!

I was referred to Mark by another one of his clients’ and I was not disappointed. When I started with Mark my wife had just been transferred by her employer to Hong Kong. I started with Mark to get help restructuring myself and my business so I could run it from anywhere in the world while at the same time preparing the business for sale enabling me to move to Hong Kong permanently.
Peter Bennett - Former Owner | Pro-Active Contracting