Colm Dolan

Our business was going well without Mark. However, since working with him we have massively increased productivity and profitability at the same time.

Working with Mark as our coach, I’m really developing as a business person in leadership and management as well as improving and growing our business. So I can see both the self-improvement in myself along with the positive changes in our business.

With Mark’s help we now have very clear goals for our business and we know exactly what we want to get out of the business. 

He makes me accountable for doing things which is fantastic. Mark’s always asking us ‘have you done this, have you done that and so on.’ This forces me to take action and get important things done.

If you own a business and want someone to help you get into action and make your business a lot more profitable and successful (without working harder) then Mark is the guy to talk to. 

I can’t recommend him highly enough.