Michelle P


I wasn’t sure what kind of coaching approach Mark was going to have, but I thought I’d try it and see how it evolved.

We’d been in the business for eight or nine years before reaching out to Mark. Since I engaged his services Mark has been an integral part of our growth and his guidance has been invaluable. You have a confidant, a critic and a sounding board. 

I tried a mentor approach and I engaged with a particular person to do that, but found that it wasn’t useful because our business is kind of unique and it’s challenging to find people that have had the experiences I’m having and could give any meaningful assistance.

Mark is someone who can help on all sorts of levels; motivational, structural, creative, sharing knowledge and business acumen.  He’s very empathetic and attentive with an excellent ability to recall discussions and then build on those discussions rather than going back over the same issues. He certainly motivates me.