Peter Bennett

I was referred to Mark by another one of his clients’ and I was not disappointed. When I started with Mark my wife had just been transferred by her employer to Hong Kong. I started with Mark to get help restructuring myself and my business so I could run it from anywhere in the world while at the same time preparing the business for sale enabling me to move to Hong Kong permanently.

We sold the business 11 months later and I am now able to live in Hong Kong full-time. Not only did Mark help me prepare the business for sale and help me achieve a great price, he gave me personal management skills that will stay with me for life. Furthermore the new business owner was so impressed with the results that he decided to keep working with Mark.

This gives me great confidence that he will continue to grow the business, do well into the future and look after the team. I am sure the investment is your biggest concern, as it was for me, but my advice is to get over that! The benefits in profits, personal peace of mind and a great lifestyle far outweighed the investment. Mark was fantastic. I cannot recommend him enough.