Wade Rogers

Before working with Mark, I really didn’t understand how it was possible to grow into a big business. I was sitting there with a few trucks and a few guys, and I’m working 18 hours a day, and I couldn’t see it. I’d ask myself, ‘How could I ever possibly have a hundred staff? There are not enough hours in the day’. 

When we started our coaching, I had about ten staff. I was already at the end game. I still did everything in my business, including working on the tools. I priced all the work, sent out all the quotes and dealt with the clients on every level. I wouldn’t have gone much further (because there weren’t enough hours in the day) without creating more structure in my business and learning the skills of delegation.

The most significant shift I’ve had since working with Mark is in the way I see the business in general.

It took no time at all to change that mindset–only a few meetings! It became straightforward for me to understand. I realised I needed to focus on spreadsheets, profit and loss statements and make sure our pricing was right–so that I can put more people on and have teams doing the work. 

Mark’s also very good at understanding different personality types. So if there are issues with one of your staff members, he has the ability to analyse their personality type and explain how best to communicate with them. He’s calm and measured. He listens to the issue and then goes about breaking it down and sorting it out. He’s very good at his job.