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Mark Vischschoonmaker

Are you a Small Business Owner in Newcastle?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

You need a business coach like me on your team.

Hello, I’m Mark Vischschoonmaker, a committed and accomplished business coach and mentor in Newcastle and throughout Sydney. With a track record of guiding small and medium business owners since 2007, I bring a treasure trove of knowledge to the business scene in Newcastle.

My coaching approach is tailored to be as distinctive as your business. I provide you with the insights you need and want to hear, even if they’re hard to swallow because I believe in honesty and transparency.

My one-on-one coaching will push you to discover your potential, and together, we will transform your business and ultimately help you achieve the lifestyle you deserve. If you’re ready to take control of your business instead of letting it control you, let’s connect and see if I’m the right coach for you.


Welcome, I’m Mark! A seasoned business coaching helping businesses in Newcastle thrive & grow.

With a profound understanding of the business landscape, I have been empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout Newcastle, NSW and Australia with my tailored coaching services.

As a seasoned business coach with years of experience under my belt, I have honed my skills in guiding individuals and teams towards achieving their goals and unlocking their full potential.

If you’re an owner of a small to medium-sized business and find yourself agreeing with any of the following statements, my coaching program could be exactly what you need:

You’ve put in the effort to establish your business, and now you’re ready to expand and thrive.

You’re feeling overwhelmed from trying to manage everything on your own and need support

You know your business has the potential to be more profitable, but you just don’t know where to start.

Your business is financially successful and generating income, but you’ve become too complacent and are lacking motivation.

You’ve been making significant business profits and now it’s time for you to take a step back and improve your lifestyle.

Doing Business in Newcastle

Newcastle is the second-largest city in NSW, hosting a diverse and robust economy covering commerce, culture, trade, and industry. This economic diversity cements Newcastle’s status as a key Australian business destination.

As a business coach, my services can directly benefit business owners in Newcastle. I provide practical guidance to navigate the local business environment effectively, optimise resources, and make informed decisions. By working together, we can leverage the opportunities within Newcastle’s thriving business landscape and enhance business success.


I am always here to help your business thrive and grow. Here are some links to other supportive sites helping business owners in Newcastle.

City Of Newscastle

Newcastle City online tendering system

Grant Connect

find Government provided business grants.

Fair Work Ombudsman

for advice and information about your rights in the workplace.


As your dedicated Newcastle business coach and trusted confidante, I am committed to empowering you with a winning combination of proven tools, methodologies, and systems that guarantee the results you desire. Together, we will craft an invigorating and inspiring strategy that will ignite your passion for action.

Prepare to embark on an accelerated learning journey, with my business coaching service in Newcastle, delivering years of progress within a matter of months.

The path of entrepreneurship can be solitary and overwhelming, leaving you longing for a supportive sounding board, an individual to bounce ideas off of and provide you with candid feedback. I will fulfil that vital role, delivering the truths you may not like to hear but genuinely need to hear, as they hold the key to your transformation and advancement.


Skills You'll Aquire Working With Me

Goal Setting


Reignite your drive with a tailored goal-setting process.

Strategic Planning


Stay on track with a quarterly action plan.

Efficiency Management


Focus on tasks that matter and boost your business.

Team Leadership


Start with cost-effective marketing, then look to expand possibly.

Team Leadership


Enhance your leadership and build a stellar team.

Financial Literacy


Understand your business finances and maximise profits.



Getting your business profitable and working without you to support a fulfilling lifestyle



Engage the transformative power of a seasoned business mentor to navigate the crucial distinction between triumph and failure, progress and stagnation, or even regression.

With an illustrious track record as a Newcastle, and Sydney-wide, business mentor, spanning an impressive 35 years of entrepreneurial experience and an additional 17 years dedicated to honing my craft as a professional business mentor, I possess the acumen and fervour necessary to drive your success. Leveraging a proven methodology, I guide your enterprise towards unprecedented summits, augmented profits, and unwavering long-term stability.

As a mentor specialising in business expansion, I’ve played a significant role in the growth and transformation of numerous small to medium enterprises. My responsibility as a business coach is to offer the wisdom, understanding, and resilience required for business success, however you define it. Utilising a tried-and-tested approach, I aid your business in scaling new peaks, securing larger profits, leading an awesome team, and achieving enduring stability.



Reaching out for assistance can be difficult. So can identifying and overcoming the obstacles that hinder your success. Often, it can be tough to find someone to share your thoughts with – a trusted advisor, a constructive critic, and a receptive sounding board.

What you require is the framework and responsibility that come with my coaching and mentoring packages for small and medium businesses. 


You’ll rekindle the reasons that led you to start your business. Your enthusiasm, mission, and drive will be reignited. You’ll regain the confidence to make decisions, establish guidelines, and design your own path to success.


Mark has been an integral force in our trade services business for over 3 years. He readily developed a thorough understanding of our business model. His experience in developing business and management strategies has really helped us to focus on and achieve our goals. We highly recommend Mark as a Business Coach.”

Sue Hanson

(Business Coach Mark is located in Pyrmont but delivers his renowned business coaching and business mentoring services to you in Newcastle and right across Sydney, NSW and Australia via one-on-one video-conferencing)