What To Expect From A Business Coach

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Sometimes I feel that there’s a little bit of confusion still around as to why you would get a business coach. To those people, I usually say, why does a top athlete have a coach? Clearly, not because they can play the sport better than the athlete. The athlete has a coach because they want to make sure that they get the valuable feedback. Feedback on the things that they can’t necessarily see themselves because they are just caught up in their own head.

The coach will be there to be a sounding board and to instil discipline, to make sure that there’s a plan, for the athletes future and their day to day games. It’s exactly the same in business. If you want to be the best version of yourself, if you want to grow as a leader, as a business person, then having the right coach by your side is going to help you get those results easier and more consistently than if you were out there on your own.

You’ve got to be prepared to do your bit. It doesn’t matter how good the coach is. If the client doesn’t do anything then nothing is gonna happen. However, when we work together and we vow to do what we need to do then fantastic things are possible, you can see that in the testimonial section of my website around what some of the clients have said over time.

So, I would say to people who are thinking of coaching, you’ve got to be prepared to be told things that you may not always like or want to hear, but you need to hear because no one else is gonna tell you. The coach is a sounding board. The coach is there to help provide clarity around where we’re going so we make sure we’ve got a good plan and that you’re actually excited about that plan. And last but not the least, the coach is there to keep you accountable to do the things that you need to do in order to get the results that you’re looking for. Business owners are always getting sucked back into working in their business, there’s always stuff happening around them. So, we really need to build a business that can withstand that and make sure that we do the things we need to do on a day to day basis to make the business stronger or make the business more consistent and predictable. At the end of the of the day, a business that works for you rather that you just working for the business.

It’s a very exciting journey. I’ve had clients with me for 12 years, and the reason people stay that long is because they can see that there’s tremendous value in having a coach and they see coaching as a necessity, not a luxury and that’s really the difference.

What To Expect From A Business Coach

How to Identify Weaknesses

As you begin to identify weaknesses, it’s important to be objective. Acknowledging flaws and limitations can feel uncomfortable, and it’s easy to shy away from the task. But you will only succeed in improving when you’re honest with yourself. Try to work through the following activities with curiosity rather than shame or embarrassment.

1. Make a List

Split a piece of paper in half by drawing a line down the middle. Label one side “strengths” and the other “weaknesses.” Start with strengths, listing all the things you’re good at that contribute to your success in business. You might write technical skills, like project management, as well as social skills, like name recall. Then move on to your weaknesses.

If you struggle to think of any, you can use your strengths list to figure it out. What skills are missing from your strengths? Why haven’t you included them? Are they weaknesses? Ask yourself what skills are necessary for your business to thrive – are you good at all of them, or is there room for improvement in some areas?

2. Keep a Journal

Life is fast-paced, so it can be hard to simply sit down and reflect on what’s working well and what isn’t. Take a couple of weeks and keep a daily journal. Write down your thoughts and actions for the day. Ask yourself what went well and what didn’t. This shouldn’t take you more than five minutes each day.

At the end of the two weeks, read back through what you wrote. What common issues jump out at you? Did you consistently struggle with a specific task? Did something take you longer than it should have? This could be a sign that the skill itself is a weakness or that you struggle with time management. Perhaps you notice that you were in a bad mood most days – that could signify that your weakness is remaining positive. If you’re not seeing any weaknesses pop out, try asking a trusted friend to review the journal and give you feedback. You might be surprised by what they notice.

3. Consider Failed Hobbies

You can draw on your past experience to identify weaknesses, as well. Ask yourself what projects or hobbies you’ve struggled with. Which ones drained your energy and took far longer than they should have? Are there any tasks or projects that you needed assistance from others with on more than one occasion?

On the flip side, you can try out new hobbies to identify weaknesses. You might go for something creative, like a painting class, or active, like an indoor rock climbing session. Take note if you pick up the new skill easily. Whether or not you’re good at the hobby itself, you might notice other weaknesses. Perhaps you get frustrated easily, you talk yourself out of trying new things, or you struggle to connect with others in the class.

4. Ask Trusted Friends and Family

The people you spend extensive time with, whether at work at home, know you best. They’re also more likely to be honest with you about your weaknesses. Of course, some family members might think you can do no wrong, and they aren’t the right people to ask. Instead, seek out people whose opinions you trust and value. Try to make a list of at least three people.

Reach out to the people on your list and ask them to schedule a phone call or a coffee date. Be clear with them that you’re trying to improve your business by identifying weaknesses. When they understand that you’re looking for real feedback, they’ll provide it. Ask for examples so you can get a clear idea of why they hold certain opinions. Compare their thoughts to what you believe your weaknesses are, and see if they confirm your own opinions.


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